Volunteer IT Support Coventry & Warwickshire, Computer Repair Coventry

Volunteer IT Support Coventry & Warwickshire

If you are a Registered non-profit charity, you may qualify for free volunteer IT support Coventry & Warwickshire, provided by CV PC Repair.

At CV PC Repair, we like to stand out from the crowd and as such we believe in giving back to the local community and may provide free, or massively discounted IT support for local charities & good causes in Coventry.

We can offer all services on this website, including website design & production.

We can offer help, guidance, advice and support on all aspects of IT whether a laptop needs fixing, troubleshooting, networking problems or advice on new hardware or computer systems.

Web design, management and advice, from attacked web sites, malware infection to ground up design.

All advice on new and current technologies which may help improve the running of the charities.

We will should be able to provide most services as a volunteer package but may have to charge a discounted rate for some more time consuming projects.

To apply for any of the above services, or if you think we can help you with volunteer IT support coventry – simply get in touch via the website contact form with your organisation’s details (including your registered charity number) and the details of your project or enquiry.

We will be in touch to let you know what kind of services we can offer and when we may be available to meet & work with you.

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Volunteer IT Support Coventry & Warwickshire
Registered charities in Coventry & Warwickshire may qualify for free IT Support from CV PC Repair.
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